Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is at the core of our services offering public and private sector clients bold, innovative solutions for unique challenges and projects. Our goal is to deliver an engineering project that contributes to our client’s success via 3-D Modeling and Design.

Land Surveying

Surveying services are performed at the initial stage of a project and at the end marking the locations of utilities and facilities for construction. Our surveyors provide quality surveys through the use of a systematic protocol and precise instrumentation.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy engineering is an essential service offered to energy developers. We possess a renewable energy team of engineers, designers and processors versed in both imperial and metric units. Our teams have completed solar sites ranging in size from 48 kW to over 500 MW located throughout the United States and overseas.

UAV/Drone Services

Drone technology benefits clients through high resolution, fast, affordable solutions for aerial imagery, design integration (with 3-D modeling), inspections of large structures/facilities, and for use in marketing.

Construction Administration

Serving as the client representative through Construction Administration offers clients the confidence in knowing their project is constructed as designed. As a third party service Construction Administration oversight benefits the success of a project during construction through another set of eyes ensuring a higher level of quality.

Materials Testing

Materials testing services are performed on-site or within a fully equipped, Materials Testing Laboratory. Our qualified technicians are backed by AASHTO, ASTM, and ACI, and the laboratory is AMRL and CCRL certified.


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Who is Taney Engineering?

Ed Taney


Robert Cunningham


Steve Dumovich


About Us

Taney Engineering is a full-service civil engineering, land survey/staking, material testing and construction administration services corporation that strives to deliver successful, bold and innovative solutions to public and private clients and communities. Taney Engineering was founded in 2000 by Principal Engineers, Edward Taney, P.E. and Robert Cunningham, P.E. In 2003, Steven Dumovich, P.L.S. joined the firm as Principal Surveyor expanding the services offered by the firm.  

Who We Are

Today, Taney Engineering employs over 60 engineering, land survey, material testing and construction administration professionals who have experience working with federal, state and local governmental agencies as well as private development clientele. Taney Engineering has three offices including Las Vegas, Nevada and Minot and Williston, North Dakota. Taney Engineering is knowledgeable of the local environmental conditions and local government entities processes, procedures, and specifications; particularly the 10 State Standards and Criteria. Taney Engineering is further experienced in all permitting and improvement plan processing for land development. For public works projects, Taney Engineering is experienced in the preparation of reports/studies, plans, specifications, and cost estimates suitable for construction, and provides construction administration. Taney Engineering understands the strength of the firm lies in its team of licensed engineers, designers, processors, financial, and administrative professionals. The depth of the firm’s capabilities is a result of the dedicated professionals who are committed to client service, ongoing professional development, and the constant pursuit of professional excellence. Professionals at Taney Engineering are active members of the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association, National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, Southern Nevada Chapter, and Minot Chamber of Commerce. The firm also believes in giving back to it’s communities by providing pro bono services to Habitat for Humanity, donating to the Minot Homeless Coalition, and serving on the Eagle Wings.

Nevada Office

  • +1 (702) 362-8844
  • 6030 S. Jones Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89118

North Dakota Office

  • +1 (701) 858-8900
  • 3524 E. Burdick Expressway Minot, ND 58701



Active Projects


Completed Projects


Nevada Office

  • +1 (702) 362-8844
  • 6030 S. Jones Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

North Dakota Office

  • +1 (701) 858-8900
  • 3524 E. Burdick Expressway Minot, North Dakota 58701


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